Data for: Folic Acid and Rhodamine Labelled pH Responsive Hyperbranched Polymers: synthesis, characterization and cell uptake studies

Published: 24 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3863by4324.1
Hongyun Tai, Wenxin Wang, Marina Salerno, Xi Wang, E Hartsuiker, Chester Blackburn


Supplementary Materials: Figure S1 1H NMR of synthesized HBP5050, Figure S2 1H NMR of synthesized HBP4060, Figure S3 1H NMR of synthesized HBP3070, Figure S4 PCS peak output as a function of intensity for HBP4060 in differing pH media, Figure S5 PCS output for HBP4060pegf¬ as a function of intensity, Figure S6 SEC Trace for HBPs HBP3070 (Green) HBP4060 (Blue) HBP5050 (Red), Figure S7 UV-VIS Spectra for HBP and HBP folate conjugates with RAFT agent peak identification, Figure S8 1H NMR of synthesized HBP4060pegf , Table S1 Summarization of Figure S4, Table S2 Summarization of figure S5. E1 Experimental procedures.



Polymer Chemistry