Aam Tidal Channel, Songdo, South Korea, 2023 Floc Data

Published: 11 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/386t4xvpct.1


Floc data were acquired from Aam Tidal Channel located in Songdo, South Korea, between May and June 2023. Seabird 19 CTD, LISST-200X, particle imaging camera system (PICS), and water sample data were obtained. To facilitate the experiments in the tidal channel, a survey platform approximately 4 meters above the bed was constructed, from which casting operations were conducted. All instruments were mounted within a 70 cm distance on a profiling frame, enabling simultaneous measurements of a statistically similar floc population at various depths (surface, middle, and bottom layers) in the water column. Casting operations were conducted at 30-minute intervals during each tidal cycle, capturing rapid images of settling flocs with PICS, and volume concentration with LISST-200X. Salinity, temperature, and turbidity were acquired using a Seabird CTD with an attached optical backscatter sensor (OBS). Each floc camera data comprise a 30-second video of settling flocs. To measure total suspended solids and the relative fraction of organic matter content, duplicate 1-liter water samples were obtained and filtered through prepared glass microfiber filters. TSS values were determined through oven drying and subsequent weighing, while the organic matter content was assessed through loss on ignition analysis after heating the filters.



Inha University


Oceanography, Earth Surface Sediment Transport, Flocculation of Particle