Data for: Designing a Public Engagement Process for Long-Term Urban Park Development Project

Published: 24 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/389vfnysrh.1


The Yongsan Park Development Project has been in progress for more than three decades. An online survey of 2,000 respondents was conducted and analyzed to evaluate the current public awareness and ask questions about respondents’ expectations for the next phase of public engagement. The results of this study reveal that 1) a hybrid methodology is needed to effectively approach different age groups; 2) an internet-based open survey can offer new insights into the urban open space project, particularly with the assistance of mobile devices; 3) the survey results will enable us to design a better public participation process that is appropriate for post-pandemic society, in which virtual meetings and socially distanced communications are part of the new norm.



Civic Engagement, Survey Research, Sustainable Urban Development, Urban Public Open Space