Security Requirements Education Game (SREG)

Published: 25 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/38kb4rxtw4.1
Affan Yasin


Security Requirements Education Game (SREG) data files.


Steps to reproduce

1. Print the map of the game. (The original dimension of the map size is set to adjust on the table). [Map Hospital.jpg] 2. Print human asset cards [Assets Cards – Hospital.pdf] and weakness cards for human assets [Weakness people.pdf]. 3. Attach / pin the human asset cards with the weakness card on the back. 4. Print Vulnerability card [Vulnerability IT Devices new.pdf]. 5. Attach / pin the IT asset cards with the respective vulnerability card on the back. 6. Print and cut the psychology card [Psychology compliance principle.pdf]. 7. Print and cut the puzzle card [Riddle or puzzle.pdf]. 8. Print the Network Attack techniques card [Network Attack Cards.pdf]. 9. Print the Physical Attack techniques card [Physical Attacker cards.pdf] 10. Print the Social Engineering Attack techniques card [Social Engineer cards.pdf]. 11. Print and cut the role card [Player role card.pdf]. 12. Print the attackers positions cards [Attacker position.jpg]. 13. Print Goal Sheets for social engineering attackers [gs2.png]. 14. Print Goal sheets for physical and network attacker [gs1.png]. 15. Take simple paper sheet for players to write hypothetical scenarios. 16. Print discussion sheet [score sheet discussion.pdf]. 17. Take any sheet for getting feedback. 18. For discussion session or observation use any sheet to record. 19. Survey1.pdf, Survey2.pdf and Survey3.pdf can be used to get feedback regarding the game. 20. Learning scenarios can be taken from the paper published.


Security, Serious Game, Game Design, Cooperative Game