Ultrathin Cu2ZnSnS4/crystalline-Si Tandem Solar Cell

Published: 8 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/38mv2pm8xk.1
Shafayeth Jamil, Uday Saha, Md. Kawsar Alam


1. Electric Field Data folder contains electric field enhancement in the bottom Si cell for TM and TE polarized light at different wavelengths. 2. Final Pabs Data folder contains the power absorption spectrum of fully optimized tandem cell. 3. Pabs data for primary analysis folder contains the power absorption data of Si bottom cell which was used to determine the impact of Ag nanoparticles. 4. Parameter folder contains the refractive index (n) and extinction (κ) coefficients of different materials used in the simulation. It also includes the data of electrical parameters used in the simulations. 5. Thickness Optimization folder contains variations of short circuit current, open circuit voltage and efficiency of the tandem cell with thickness of top and bottom absorbers. 6. J_V_P.mat is the data for the J-V and P-V curves of the fully optimized cell. 7. Nanoparticle Size Optimization file contains the data for the dependence of Pabs enhancement on NPs size.



Chalcogenide Thin-Film Solar Cells, Silicon Solar Cell