Structural model of elementary particles

Published: 30-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/38v6k5nctr.1
Tsuyoshi Sakamoto


This document is a submission to the Japan Patent Office with regards to a new methodology.† The topic of discussion relates to a magnetic monopole confinement mechanism; however, as the electromagnetic structure of the electron was unknown, this idea was filed as a toy design in 1992. The ring described in the paper has a width and height in the direction perpendicular to the plane instead of a mathematical circle. Specifically, it resembles a rubber band. As such, it is possible to add a function to expand and contract the radial direction of the circle to the structure of the device. Here, we discuss this "multiple rings that can cover each other" as a model of electrons and quarks. † Utility model application publication number is 実開平7-489.