Transliteration Sentence Dataset

Published: 16 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/38y7g2fcny.1
, Saiful Islam


A transliteration sentence is like writing the same words but using different letters that sound the same. It helps people who speak different languages understand each other better. This dataset, drawn from 12 varied datasets initially intended for tasks such as sentiment analysis, hate speech detection, social media analysis, and review classification, endeavors to encompass a wide array of linguistic subtleties and fluctuations inherent in real-world language usage. Each data instance was meticulously labeled based on the language of the sentences. From this amalgamation of datasets, we curated a dataset comprising 65,473 instances, comprising 19,859 Bangla, 17,309 Hindi, 17,000 English, and 11,305 Tamil data instances, specifically tailored for transliteration sentence identification.



Daffodil International University


Natural Language Processing, Sentence Processing