Data on social norms (Land Use Policy 2020)

Published: 3 July 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/396f96vx66.2
Kewan Mertens,


These are the do-file + Nlogit file + data that are used to come to the analysis and the tables presented in the paper: Mertens, K., Vranken, L., 2020. Pro-Poor Land Transfers in the Presence of Landslides: New Insights on Preferences and Norms in Land Markets. Land Use Policy We have tried to provide all primary variables, as abtained after data cleaning, as well as all secondary variable that were constructed from these primary variables to do the analysis. All steps and regressions based on these primary and secondary variables are presented here. In case you would want additional information, please contact the corresponding author. Each household is uniquely identified through the combination of EnumID (VilID) HHID, and each plot is identified through EnumID (VilID) HHID PlotID. EnumID refers to the enumerator that collected the data, VilID to the village, HHID to the nth household interviewed by the enumerator. The order of PlotID is determined by the order in the interview and does not necessarily correspond with the order of plot acquisition.



Associatie KU Leuven


Geography, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Disaster, Discrete Choice Modeling, Natural Hazard, Uganda, Social Norm