Dataset: Podporozhye

Published: 26-02-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/39b9bbprcx.1


Spatial data are created based on different open data sources for the neighborhood area of the city Podporozhye (Leningrad Region, Russia) with a center in Tokari village. The Dataset consists of: 1. Edges – spatial line data, describing the potential roads. 2. Vertexes – spatial point data, describing the edges endpoints. 3. Terminals – spatial point data, describing centroids of artificial harvest units. 4. Zones – spatial data, used for graph decomposition. Since we are dealing with graph modeling of the forest road network, edge weights are obtained as weighted road construction costs. Used coordinate system: EPSG 32638 Area: approximately 1400 km^2. The graph contains 247 668 nodes, 1 143 690 edges, 239 terminals divided into 11 zones. For legal information please read the relevant file.