Metadata in fecundity gene polymorphism for Ethiopian sheep

Published: 9 February 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/39bb2vh37n.3
Helen Nigussie,
, Solomon Abegaz


The current study was done to identify whether there is fecundity gene polymorphism or not in indigenous sheep and its association with litter size. The dataset has three parts. Metadata _file 1: It comprises genotype data generated from five locus linked to fecundity gene mutation in Ethiopian indigenous sheep for polymorphism analysis. Metadata File2: It Comprise genotype data, litter size data in parity 1 and parity2 for association analysis. High genetic diversity and strong association with litter size were observed in the current study which will used as a baseline information to design cost effective and sustainable genetic improvement program for commercialization. The information will be used for those who are working in animal genetics and breeding and animal science to repeat the study in other species in the same country/location or same species in different location. Besides, the data could also be integrated with other related genotype data for comparative analysis among different breeds and species of livestock.


Steps to reproduce

The following steps were followed DNA extraction, Polymerase chain reaction using five microsatellite markers linked to fecundly genes. Purification of PCR products and genotyping. Genetic diversity indices and association analysis were used using Population genetics softwires ad GLM model for association analisys


Addis Ababa University


Animal Genetics