Data for: A new apparatus for the concurrent measurement of friction and permeability evolution in gouge

Published: 2 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/39src4myfb.1
Derek Elsworth,
Kyungjae Im,
Chaoyi Wang


This three dataset are recorded while doing Experiment No.9, NO.10 and No.11. There are 16 columns in each files: c1 sampling interval (ms) c2 Pump A pressure (kPa) c3 Pump B pressure (kPa) c4 Pump C pressure (kPa) c5 Pump A remaining volme (ml) c6 Pump B remaining volme (ml) c7 Pump C remaining volme (ml) c8 Pump A flow rate (ml/min) c9 Pump B flow rate (ml/min) c10 Pump C flow rate (ml/min) c11 time (hours) c12 time (minutes) c13 time (seconds) c14 time (fractional seconds) c15 lvdt displacement readings (um) c16 load cell readings (V)