Tianshan Mountian grid monthly merging precipitation

Published: 23 March 2023| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/39vxj757gp.5
C C Zhao


Readme document for PMRGSA_V1 (26 January, 2023) 1. Introduction The purpose of this work is to construct a gridded precipitation datasets by merging the interpolation precipitation based on in situ observation and satellite precipitation product in Tianshan mountain regions, northwest of China. 2. General Information 2.1 Products The products we release are 0.01x0.01-degree gridded data over Tianshan mountain regions, northwest of China. The gridded fields of monthly precipitation are defined by merging accurate quantitative observations from weather stations with continuous spatial information and from satellite-based estimate product. The gridded precipitation product exhibits a monthly temporal resolution and a spatial resolution of 0.01° for the Tianshan Mountains, while extending back to 1981. We use a suitable interpolation of ANUSPLIN was used to interpolate grid precipitation based on in situ data. The interpolation grid precipitation was then merged with the satellite precipitation product CHIRPS developed by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Climate Hazards Group. Details are given in a forthcoming paper by Zhao et al. (2023). 2.2 Spatial and Temporal Coverage Spatial coverage: Tianshan Mountain (73.2.0E – 95.8.0E, 39.0S - 45.5N) Spatial resolution : 0.01 degree latitude/longitude Temporal coverage : January, 1981 - December, 2019 (39 years) Temporal resolution : Monthly 2.3 Units Precipitation: mm/month 2.4 Missing Code Text or TIFF Precipitation : -9999 NetCDF Precipitation : -3.4028235e38 3. Data Files and Their Structure The product is stored in one file per month. 3.1 Denotation prec_ZZZZ ZZZZ: The year in 4 digits (e.g. 1981, 1982, ..., 2019) For the file in Tiff format, filename ends with the suffix ".Tif" For the file in ASCII format, filename ends with the suffix ".Txt" For the file in NetCDF format, filename ends with the suffix ".nc" 3.2 Structure of Data Files Each file contains monthly fields for a year. Monthly fields contain information on the precipitation amount. In the case of a 0.01-degree grid file, each field consists of a data array with longitude by latitude dimensions of 2205 x 624 elements. The data files are written in ArcGIS10.5. User can be generated other format data file used the ArcGIS. 4. Contacts Please contact us for further questions regarding this product. zhao_chch1978@163.com Dr. Chuancheng Zhao School of Information and Engineering 11 jiefang road, anning district,lanzhou, Gansu province of China Tel:+86-13919996200



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