Power Outage data for US

Published: 24 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3c628btjy2.1
, Kunal Mahajan,


The aim of the project is to detect power outages in real-time in United States by utilizing IP scans done periodically. For each scan, the active IP addresses are stored. Based on the time series data for each IP, a reliability score is computed for each IP. The reliability score corresponds to the correlation possibility between the IP address and power outage in the county. The geographical location of the IP address is obtained through the MaxMind tool. The scanning was done 4 times every day for the last 6 months. Therefore, we have the data of active IP addresses and the reliability scores of each IP address for every scan. Given the huge size of the dataset, partial data is being uploaded here. For access to the entire dataset, please contact the authors.


Steps to reproduce

To scan the IP addresses in the US, use the tool "ZMAP". Include a file containing the list of blacklisted IPs, which ZMAP should avoid scanning.


Columbia University