Classmoto 2022

Published: 25 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3cfs745bbv.1
Hayo Reinders, Bradford J Lee, Euan Bonner


This is the raw data output from the Classmoto project of 2022. It has ratings of Cognitive, Behavioural, and Emotional Engagement from 37 students, spread across two groups. Experiment One (n=20) provided responses over 61 modules; Experiment Two (n=17) recorded responses over 53 modules. The means and standard deviations show statistically significant downward trendlines, indicating that students' engagement decreased over time. However, what is significant is that the three constructs behaved similarly, but not identically, providing evidence for the validity of the 3-construct view of student engagement and the data collection instrument, the original Classmoto app developed for this project.


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce this dataset, a researcher would need access to the Classmoto app for data collection.


Kanda Gaigo Daigaku


Language Learning, Second Language Acquisition, School Engagement