Data for: Correlation for Sessile Drop Evaporation Over a Wide Range of Drop Volatilities, Ambient Gases and Pressures

Published: 9 November 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3ck4xy56b5.2
Peter Kelly-Zion, Brenton Mandelkorn, Gregory Wassom, Chris Nkinthorn, Christopher Pursell


This file contains measured sessile drop evaporation of acetone, methanol, and six hydrocarbons ranging from hexane to isooctane. The measurements were conducted for a broad range of conditions. The conditions were designed to promote strong vapor phase convection and weak diffusion and vice versa. Pinned sessile drops of radius from 1 to 22 mm were measured and measurements were conducted in the following ambient gases from 1 to 6 atm: air, krypton, argon, and helium.



Evaporation Process