Ocean wave ACF Matlab code

Published: 14 April 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3cvv8sygxv.2
Stephen Bocquet


MATLAB code to calculate the ocean wave autocorrelation function (ACF) from the Taylor series and saddle point approximation. Certain models for ocean wave spectra, including the Bretschneider and Pierson-Moskowitz spectra, have spectral densities in the form of the Fréchet, or inverse Weibull, probability density. The ACF of the waves is the Fourier cosine transform of the spectral density. The derivation of the ACF and the use of this code is described in the paper "Ocean wave autocorrelation function", to be submitted to Applied Mathematics and Computation. Files: frechetct.m - main function frechetctrs.m - computes ACF using Taylor (residue) series frechetctsp.m - computes ACF using saddle point approximation frechetctplot.m - script to plot examples of the function



Oceanography, Special Function Approximation, Special Function, Probability Distribution