Data for: Dataset of pre-monsoon aerosol species optical depth and concentration estimated from constrained simulation approach over the Indian subcontinent

Published: 26 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3f27kndz44.1
Shubha Verma, Olivier Boucher,
, D. Bharath Kumar


The specifications of the dataset of constrsimu estimates is given in Table 1. The data provided with this article (refer to Table 2) comprises of estimate of aerosol concentration and aerosol optical depth obtained from constrsimu. The pre-monsoon mean (April to June) value of aerosol species- wise optical depth and concentration for Tigerz stations (see detail in Section 2.2) is in the format of .xls named as respectively “constr-poi-species-aod.xls” and “constr-poi-species-conc.xls”. The vertical profile of pre-monsoon mean of BC concentration from constrsimu estimates for Tigerz stations of KNP, KOL, and NTL is given as “constr-poi-species-conc-vert.xls”. The time-series of fine mode (FM) AOD and coarse mode (CM) AOD from constrsimu estimates for the days of Tigerz IOP at KNP is provided as “constr-poi-aod-knp.xls”. The time-series of aerosol species-wise AOD and concentration for the days of Tigerz IOP at KNP is provided as respectively “constr- poi-species-aod-knp.xls” and “constr-poi-species-conc-knp.xls”. The time-series of aerosol optical depth and surface concentration from region-tagged constrsimu estimates is provided as respectively “constr-poi-species-aod- region-knp.xls” and “constr-poi-species-conc-region-knp.xls”. The region-tagged estimates represent aerosols due to emissions from a classified geographical region (refer to Section 2.3). The spatial distribution of the pre-monsoon mean of total aerosol optical depth (at 550 nm) and submicron surface concentration (sum of BC, organic matter (OM), Sul-ows, IOM, SS, dust) is provided as respectively “” and “”. The spatial distribution of the pre-monsoon mean of aerosol species-wise optical depth and concentration is provided as respectively “” and “”. The dataset of spatial distribution (as .nc files) is provided separately for each of the six species (bc, sul-ows, oc, iom, dust, ss) for aerosol optical depth and concentration. The spatial distribution data is for the Indian subcontinent (over a spatial domain 68 ◦ E to 96 ◦ E and 6 ◦ N to 34 ◦ N) spatially gridded at a horizontal resolution of 1 ◦ in longitude and 0.8 ◦ in latitude.



Atmospheric Aerosols