Data for: Mixed-effects Generalized Height–Diameter Model for Young Silver Birch Stands on Post-agricultural Lands

Published: 23 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3fcrdpr2gw.1
Karol Bronisz


Data were collected from 80 pure silver birch stands growing on post-agricultural lands in the province of Mazowieckie in central Poland. Individual sample plots were located within silver birch stands that spontaneously and naturally regenerated, with the age ranging from 3–19 years. Tree heights (H) and the diameters at the breast heights (D) were measured for a random sample of trees using the VERTEX IV hypsometer (Häglofs, Sweden). 3,577 trees were measured in total. Data consists also the quadratic mean diameter at the breast height (Dg, cm) and basal area (BA, square meter per hectare) for each plot.