The Reference Data for Accuracy Assessment of the Global Forest Watch Tree Cover 2000 in China

Published: 14-01-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3fg62njfw9.1
Di Zhang,
Hao Wang,
Xu Wang,
Zhi Lu


Remote-sensing products have emerged as key tools in forest cover monitoring. Their quality vary spatially, local validations are recommended before using the data for inventory and management tasks. We conducted a validation based on a visual interpretation procedure using high-resolution optical imagery on Google Earth to map the uncertainties and inaccuracies of GFW treecover 2000 in China. The reference data has a total amount of 96 364 sample pixels collected using spatially stratified random sampling method. · The reference data provides a solid basis for evaluating the classification accuracy of remote sensing products. · The data can benefit researchers who use GFW products in their study, and looking for reference data to evaluate the accuracy of their remote sensing products. · The dataset be used for accuracy assessment of remote sensing products like GFW, and provide further details on the cause of classification errors. · The reference pixels have labelled land type information, forest type and image year acquired on Google Earth. It provides an additional reference source for land change study.