The rise of the chaebol: A bibliometric analysis of business groups in South Korea (data and graphs)

Published: 27 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3fgc6bzyjp.1


South Korean business groups are known as the chaebol. This is a data set based on the bibliometric data that were downloaded from the Scopus database. The data were analyzed using VOSviewer (software for bibliometric analysis) and Gephi (software for network analysis and visualizations). The publications are limited to peer-reviewed scientific articles published in English (n=749). The scientific collaboration network is based on articles with affiliations data (n=705). The bibliographic coupling network includes only articles with references data and 10 or more citations (n=261). The keyword co-occurrence network is based on articles with author keywords data (n=583). The color of nodes in the graphs is based on the modularity class. The size of nodes in the graphs is based on the number of articles (scientific collaboration network), citation count (bibliographic coupling network), and occurrence count (keyword co-occurrence network).


Steps to reproduce

Search query string (database: Scopus, date: February 2, 2023, n=749): TITLE-ABS-KEY ( "chaebol*" OR “jaebeol*” ) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY ( "business group" OR "business network" OR "corporate group" OR "corporate network" OR "conglomerate" OR “holding company” AND "korea*" ) AND PUBYEAR < 2023 AND DOCTYPE ( ar OR re ) AND LANGUAGE ( english ) AND SUBJAREA ( busi OR deci OR econ OR soci )


Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie, Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie Kolegium Gospodarki Swiatowej, Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie Instytut Gospodarki Swiatowej


Economics, Firm Behavior, Network Analysis, Korea, South Korea, Multinational Corporation, Bibliometrics, Multinational Firm, Firm Network, Scientometrics