Urdu Consumer Demand Analysis Dataset

Published: 15 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3gchg9sxc2.1
Basit Hussain, Malika Muradi


This dataset consists of 2931 rows and 5 columns, making it a valuable resource for research in the domain of sentiment analysis, language processing, and market demand analysis, with a specific focus on comments written in the Urdu language. The dataset is structured as follows: Usernames: This column contains usernames or identifiers associated with individuals who have provided comments in Urdu. Comment: In this column, you will find comments written in the Urdu language. These comments cover a wide range of topics, including user experiences, opinions, and feedback related to various products and services. Gender: This column captures the gender information of the users who left comments. Gender data can be instrumental in conducting gender-based analysis or understanding the perspectives of different user groups within the Urdu-speaking community. Brand (Laptop Brand): This column specifies the laptop brand or product that is the subject of the user comments written in Urdu. It helps categorize comments by brand, allowing for brand-specific analysis within the context of the Urdu-speaking audience. Label: The "Label" column provides labels or categories associated with the Urdu comments. These labels represent sentiment scores (e.g., positive (1), negative(0), neutral(2)). With this dataset containing usernames, Urdu language comments, gender information, laptop brand references, and associated labels, it serves as a comprehensive resource for research focused on sentiment analysis, market demand analysis, and linguistic studies within the Urdu-speaking community. Researchers can use this dataset to gain insights into user opinions, preferences, and language patterns in the context of product reviews and market analysis.



BRAC University Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Urdu Language, Sentiment Analysis