Influence of priming known and unknown human faces on decision making time and product selection by consumers

Published: 4 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3gcszw43yc.1
Rabia Abhay


The data showcases the results that highlights the influence of priming known and unknown human faces on consumers decision making time and product selection trends. Subliminal and supraliminal modes of priming were used for the study. Under subliminal mode the priming stimulus were shown for the duration of 17 ms and under supraliminal mode the priming stimulus was shown for the duration of 60 ms. 3 major categories of products (1. Male oriented product e.g. shaving foam, female oriented product e.g. lipstick & Neutral products e.g bottle of water) was primed along with the facial cues, with the rational that known face will illicit an emotional valence for the primed object and increase the preference of the product in the eyes of the consumer, thus influencing his or her decision-making time and product selection trend in favour to that product.


Steps to reproduce

Tool used : Open sesame software method:- 3 categories of products were chosen (Male, Female and Neutral oriented) and were primed along with known and unknown human faces with respect to the respondents. The respondents were asked to provide the picture of a person whom they were close with. this closeness was measured with the help of RCI (Relationship Closeness Inventory). The images provided by participants were standardized by just selecting the face and converting it into monochrome. under subliminal mode of priming the products were coupled with known and un-known faces and presented as the priming stimulus for the duration of 16ms. once this brief exposure was done the participants were asked to select a single product out of the four multiple products presented four times. out of these 4 products one of them was the primed product. The decision-making time and the percentage of the primed product selection was recorded. The above said same procedure was followed for supraliminal priming too. The sole exception was that in this scenario, the priming stimulus was shown for the duration of 150ms. The responses were recorded.


Christ University


Cognitive Psychology, Marketing, Priming