Data for article "Beauty in the eyes and the hand of the beholder: Eye and hand movements' differential responses to facial attractiveness"

Published: 25 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3hc25tg9pp.1
Natalie T. Faust,


The data files include 2 eye-tracking data files, and 1 mouse-tracking data file. We examined how facial attractiveness guides attention for actions by looking at eye and hand movements. We found differential effects in how our eyes and hand are influenced by facial attractiveness. Hand movement seems to be driven by attraction towards attractive faces, whereas eye movement appears to be driven by faces on the extreme ends of the attractiveness spectrum. Thus, “being moved” by beauty might not simply be a metaphor; rather, beauty automatically engages our hand movement. We further concluded that hand movement can be a meaningful additional measure of attention to faces in addition to eye movement.



Physical Attractiveness