EEG/EOG/EMG data from a cross sectional study on psychophysiological insomnia and normal sleep subjects

Published: 25 September 2017| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/3hx58k232n.4
Mohammad Rezaei,
Hiwa Mohammadi,
Habibolah Khazaie


The data presented here were originally collected for a research project entitled “Sleep EEG spectral analysis in psycho-physiological insomnia and normal sleep subjects ”. This article describes data of 60 subjects referred to Sleep Disorders Research Center (SDRC). The study was conducted in psycho-physiological insomnia and normal subjects. The data includes 8 EEG, 6 EOG and 3 EMG channels by 256 Hz sampling rate. Also, it includes power spectral features of each band (δ, θ, α, β) in segment of 30 s for each channel and nonlinear analysis parameters. Moreover, the complete demographic and polysomnography specifications is attached.


Steps to reproduce

All subjects underwent a one-night polysomnography (PSG) (SOMNOscreen™ plus) for 8 hours (23 pm to 7 am) according to standard protocol in SDRC of KUMS, Iran. Polysomnography room has been cleaned from artifacts like addition sound and light based on international standard