EEG/EOG/EMG data from a cross sectional study on psychophysiological insomnia and normal sleep subjects

Published: 25 September 2017| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/3hx58k232n.4


The data presented here were originally collected for a research project entitled “Sleep EEG spectral analysis in psycho-physiological insomnia and normal sleep subjects ”. This article describes data of 60 subjects referred to Sleep Disorders Research Center (SDRC). The study was conducted in psycho-physiological insomnia and normal subjects. The data includes 8 EEG, 6 EOG and 3 EMG channels by 256 Hz sampling rate. Also, it includes power spectral features of each band (δ, θ, α, β) in segment of 30 s for each channel and nonlinear analysis parameters. Moreover, the complete demographic and polysomnography specifications is attached.


Steps to reproduce

All subjects underwent a one-night polysomnography (PSG) (SOMNOscreen™ plus) for 8 hours (23 pm to 7 am) according to standard protocol in SDRC of KUMS, Iran. Polysomnography room has been cleaned from artifacts like addition sound and light based on international standard


Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences


Psychophysiological Insomnia, Physiology of Sleep