Automatic End-to-End Testing Tools for Mobile Game Applications

Published: 31 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3jbkffxzvm.2
Gagah Ghalistan


In a thriving market of game development, innovation and speed of product development are vital. Despite condition of the market, quality assurance process of game development is still being done manually, which causes testing process is exposed to the limitation of manual testing. In this case, adopting automated testing can be done to try and solve the limitation of quality assurance on game development. The automated testing tool is expected to improve test process and discover whether there is a change compared to manual testing. Tool developed is tested into 3 different games that represent each popular genre of casual game on mobile game market. The results of this study show that not every game is able to be tested automatically. The main reasons are the scale of game and whether it requires an automated testing system. Game that was successfully tested automatically showed an improvement over manual testing on the time spent around 40.96%. Data included is: Test Script developed (written in JavaScript) and its AUT (in form of .apk) Developed Research Tool (written in JavaScript) Supporting research data, that includes summary of generated data and its visualization, flow of tool usage and its demonstration



Telkom University


Software Engineering, Automation Engineering