Air quality, meteorological and OMI-NO2 Data Guadalquivir (2005-2018)

Published: 20-07-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3jcpffxpk6.2
Jordi Massagué


1. Surface air quality data (NO, NO2 and O3 in microgram/cubic meter) measured in Portuguese and Spanish Air Quality stations. All the meta information to interpret the data is described in the metafiles. 2. Meteorological data (relative humidity, global solar radiation, temperature, wind speed and direction) measured at Meteorological stations from the Spanish National Meteorology Office. For each meteorological parameter, units and other details are defined in "DescriptionXX and MasterXX text files". 3. Tropospheric NO2 measured by OMI-NASA in Guadalquivir and the regions defined in each sheet of the excel file