Optical properties of SPION-CDs and the targeting efficiency of the SPION-CDs and APT-SPION-CDs with OVCAR-3 and HeLa cells

Published: 16 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3mhp773c6h.1
mahdi asgari, Parvaneh Shokrani, Masoud Mehrgardi, Hossein Khanahmad


The maximum emission peak was observed at 450 nm for the excitation wavelength of 350 nm (a). SPION-CDs can disperse in water easily, and an aqueous suspension exhibits a shade of yellowish brown in daylight and bright-green fluorescence under UV light(Fig. 4b and c). Fig. 4d-4g shows the transmission and fluorescence images of OVCAR-3 and HeLa cells stained with SPION-CDs and APT-SPION-CDs. However, the significant increase in fluorescence emission intensities for OVCAR-3 confirms that APT-SPION-CDs specifically target the STIP1 positive cells.



Optical Property