Rapid-onset antidepressant-like effect of sub-therapeutic dose of iron in combination with citalopram or imipramine in mice

Published: 7 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3mnrgjbg7m.1
, Patrick Amoateng,


In this study, we hypothesize that sub-therapeutic dose of iron combined with classical antidepressants such as citalopram and imipramine will produce rapid-onset antidepressant-like effect in mice. First, the study assessed the antidepressant effects of iron, citalopram or imipramine alone in murine behavioral models. Behavioral tests such as forced swim, tail suspension and open space swim tests were used to collect data on depression-related symptoms. We used the open field test to assess locomotor activity. After the first phase of experiments, dose response curves were plotted and the median dose (ED50) of drugs were calculated using non-linear regression analysis of the dose response curves. From this analysis, the sub-therapeutic dose of iron was selected. In phase 2, the effect of sub-therapeutic dose of iron plus imipramine or citalopram on depression was evaluated using the murine models stated previously. After these behavioral tests, the ELISA test was used to assess concentration of brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels while the Golgi-Cox technique provided information on dendritic spine density of treatment mice.



University of Ghana


Behavioral Neuroscience