Published: 26 August 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3mr8hmpb2j.2
Gavril Grebenisan


The data are matrix organized, with 258648 rows (observations) and 21 columns (parameters). The data refer to the analyzes made on the manufacturing line on the following parameters: density, viscosity, dielectric, water, oil degradation, temperature, ISO4, ISO6, ISO14, with obvious importance for the oil condition, but also for the operation of the industrial equipment being tested. The parameters collected are: id measure identifier postgresql_timestamp writing time time writing time raw_data Maybe neglected, it is not important (data before the process starts) icm_isocode ISO code 4406 (icm_iso4/ icm_iso6/ icm_iso14) icm_rh water saturation% icm_flow oil flow through the particle counter icm_temp particle counter electronic temperature icm_iso4 ISO 4406 code class particles >4 µm icm_iso6 ISO 4406 code class particles >6 µm icm_iso14 ISO 4406 code class particles >14 µm icm_pc4 number of particles >4 µm icm_pc6 number of particles >6 µm icm_pc14 number of particles >14 µm fps_vcst viscosity [cSt] fps_v viscosity [cP] fps_density density fps_dielectric dielectric constant fps_temp oil temperature oh_temp Oilhealth electronic temperature oh_parama Oilhealth paramA (not important) oh_paramb Oilhealth paramB (not important) oh_paramc Oilhealth (not important) oh_od Index of degradation OD% Date day of analysis time hour/time of analysis



System Fault Diagnosis, Flow Parameters