Data for Organic coating of magnetite nanoparticles using poly(sodium 4-styrene sulfonate)

Published: 28 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3np42gz49v.1
Wai Hong Chong


The following datas include: 1. Data of all characterisation methods of PSS-MNPs and Naked MNPs [Brief descriptions of all datas are stated in the document] 2. Raw Data of Rapid magnetophoretic removal of methylene blue in water (Standard curve of MB, different pH of adsorbent and adsorbate, initial adsorbent dosage, kinetic and isotherm, regeneration studies)


Steps to reproduce

Characterisation methods used: TEM imaging, Zeta Potential analysing, XRD analysis, Hydrodynamic size analysis [In-depth characterising methods are explained in the manuscript]. Rapid magnetophoretic removal of methylene blue in water: In this work, most of the MB removal process was conducted in a white scintillation vial (20mL). The main dispersant used was deionized water to prevent any undesired disturbances found in the dispersant which may affect the results. Most of the time ultrasonication was applied before the adsorbents is used to ensure well-dispersion of adsorbents. All the datas obtained in this work were recorded in Microsoft Excel software to allow better data visualisation and interpretation. [The detailed procedures of the batch adsorption process are recorded in the manuscript of this work]


Adsorption Isotherm, Nanoparticles, Adsorption, Characterization of Zeta Potential of Particle, Langmuir-Freundlich Isotherm Model, Polyelectrolyte Adsorption, Aggregation of Particle, Flocculation of Particle, Degradation, Organic Coating, Adsorption Kinetics, Nanoadsorbent, Adsorption of Dye, Fenton Reaction, Magnetite