A Scoping Review on the Evidence regarding Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Programs in School and Community Settings

Published: 4 January 2024| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/3nrm4wcsmn.3
Eunice Carmo, Nélio Brazão, Joana Carvalho


This data refers to a scoping review on the evidence regarding sexual violence primary prevention programs in school and community settings. The search included peer-reviewed empirical studies researching SV prevention programs targeting adolescents and conducted in school and community settings. During the identification stage, articles were screened for duplicates using Endnote. Then, titles and abstracts were screened. The Excel file provided was created in order to assess the final articles for eligibility, by registering whether studies met the PCC criteria (Population: adolescents; Context: schools/communities; Content: sexual violence and others forms of violence) and whether they answered the scoping review’s aims (implementation; methodology; characteristics; effectiveness; recommendations). Then, during the charting stage, detailed information on the articles included for review was registered in order to answer the review's research questions.



Forensic Psychology


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