Published: 24 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3ntdt8b8g9.1
b dursun


It is the raw data of the research titled "The relationship between narcissistic self dimensions and temperament types in healthy adults"


Steps to reproduce

The universe of the research consists of individuals between the ages of 18-65 who can read and write in Turkish. The sample of the research was formed by cluster sampling method. In order to form the sample, suitable participants were reached through social media platforms and face-to-face; prepared announcement forms that the participants could share with other participants suitable for the research. Exclusion criteria of the study were being outside the specified age range and using psychiatric medication. Research data were collected between May and December 2021. The number of people completing the survey form is 806 (721 online, 85 in-person data). After eliminating the missing, erroneous or duplicate data, 662 data forms were included in the statistical analysis. The sample group consisted of 662 (361 female, 301 male) healthy adults aged 18-64. The people who may participate in the research were first asked to approve/sign information and consent form. After signing the Information and Consent form, participants filled out the sociodemographic information form, KPI and TEMPS-A forms. In the online environment, it is not possible to switch to the next without filling the previous form. In the hand data, the forms were created in the same order.


Uskudar Universitesi, Halic Universitesi


Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Affective Dimension, Temperament, Personality Assessment, Personality Scale, Clinical Psychology Testing