Published: 11 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3nyvj834p7.1
Victor Nazimko


Data deposition for the paper ‘Project schedule expediting under structural and parametric uncertainty’ by Nazimko V. and Zakharova L. File 2021.xlsx contains: List ‘initial data’ – min, mode, max duration of the tasks taken from Tolentino Rena, R.A. (2009). Project management: A simulation-based optimization method for dynamic time-cost tradeoff decisions (M.S. thesis) Rochester, NY: Rochester Institute of Technology List ‘Critical Paths’ – critical paths and their frequencies (probabilitiwes) received by SP and AIC run List ‘Task criticality’ – tasks criticality received by SP and AIC run List ‘Results’ – results of the run of SP and AIC. These results are dublicated in the file ‘result_realdstr.dat’ as output file of SP and AIC running.