Chuya-Kurai Source Code

Published: 7 May 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/3p28zvpx58.3
Mikhail Eremin


This is an open-source code for finite-difference analysis of faulting and seismicity near the Chuya and Kurai depressions, Gorny Altai. Published as a supplementary material for reproducibility of the results.


Steps to reproduce

Please contact the author for detailed instructions. Generally, for Linux users, you should have installed intel parallel studio, for windows users Microsoft visual studio + integrated parallel studio. You should also put file Coords1 into the working directory. For those who have already downloaded the first version, please download also Coords1, sorry, I forgot to upload it in the first time)


Institut fiziki procnosti i materialovedenia SO RAN


Numerical Modeling of Tectonophysical Process