DBLP Records and Entries for Key Computer Science Conferences

Published: 27 March 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3p9w84t5mr.1
Swati Agarwal,


The dataset ”DBLP-CSR.zip” is derived from September 17, 2015 snapshot of dblp bibliography database. It contains the last 16 years (2000 − 2015) of publications records of 81 Computer Science Research conferences used for a study conducted in our paper Women in Computer Science Research- What is Bibliography Data Telling Us? published in ACM SIGCAS Computers and Society Newsletter, Volume 46, Issue 1, February 2016. Link to the Newsletter Archive: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=J198 The dataset contains 7 .sql files and a README file providing the description of dataset and attributes. The seven .sql files are primarily named as affiliation_coord.sql, affiliation.sql, author_gender.sql, authors.sql, editor_gender.sql, editor.sql and main.sql. The affiliation_coord.sql, affiliation.sql, authors.sql, editor.sql files create the tables with same name. While main.sql, editor_gender.sql and author_gender.sql create tables with the names general, genedit and genauth old respectively. Followings are the list and description of all attributes used in the dataset. Same attributes used in different tables are listed only once. 1. Table- general k- unique id of each article- primary key in the table. year- the year of publication conf- abbreviation for conference name (HT for ACM HyperText) crossref- cross reference link to all articles published in a conference in a year cs, de, se, th- a binary attribute denoting if a conference belongs to these domains (Computer Science, Data Engineering, Software Engineering, Theory) publisher- Name of the conference publisher link- unique DOI link to the article that re-directs to conference publisher page. 2. Table- authors pos- position of author in the paper. 0 denotes first author name- unique name of author in dblp dataset gender- gender of authors. Hyphen (-) denotes that gender was not determined. Please refer to the paper for more details. prob- probability of a name to be M, F, -. 3. Table- editors k- foreign key for crossref attribute in general table pos- position of editor in conference. 0 denotes the first editor. 4. Table- genauth_old and genedit contain the records of gender information of authors and editors- derived from authors and editors tables. 5. Table- affiliation affil- affiliation record of each author publishing in the 81 conferences mentioned above. year- year of publication 6. Table- affiliation_coord country- country of the author extracted from affiliation country_code- code to be used for maps lat, lng- latitude and longitude information of affiliation.


Steps to reproduce

following are the commands to import the data in mysql and re-use: mysql -u root -p; //log-in as root enter your password create database dblp; // create a new schema named as 'dblp' use dblp; // database changed as dblp source filename.sql // import the sql file


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