SnapFib: An easy build Arduino based tabletop prototype for thin film deposition by Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction method

Published: 8 August 2022| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/3pccd4yp8m.4
Ashoke Kumar Sen Gupta,


1. 3D design files i) "Stepper_holder.f3d" ii) "Slide_holder.f3d" These files can be modified using any standard 3d CAD software. 2. PCB files i) "SILAR.kicad_pcb" ii) "" iii) "SILAR.sch" The schematic file can be modified using Kicad software. The pdf file shows the 2d overview of the designed printed circuit board. 3. "gerbers" This folder contains all the gerber files (An opersource ASCII format printed circuit board) for suitable for manufacturing the PCB. 4. "arduino_firmware" Folder containing the arduino firmware codes that can be modified using Arduino IDE. 5. Video files i) "SnabFib operation" - Shows the operation of our designed hardware. ii) "X-axis assembly" - Video demonstration iii) "Y-axis assembly" - Video demonstration 6. "Images - Containing all the figures appeared in the article 7. "Visual Parts List" - docx file



Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology


Computer-Aided Design, Software, Video, Body Image, Document Type