Tourism in India - Statistics 1951-2016

Published: 15 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3pf2658csc.1


Statistical data on Foreign Tourist Arrival, Percent of Share of Indias' FTA, Foreign Exchange Earning from Tourism (in Indian Rupees Million, Total Tourism Contribution to GDP (US$ Billion), Tourism contribution to GDP in Percent, Direct Contribution to GDP (in US$Billion) Government spending on Tourism (In US$ Billion) , Tourism contribution to Employment ('000 jobs), Domestic Tourism (in Million), Visa on Arrival, Foreign Exchange Earning(FEE) (US$ Million) and Plan Period between 1950 to 2016.


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Sources of data: The data were collected from the following documents. Under each column of the data, source of data is mentioned in numbers 1 India Planning Experience, A Statistical Profile, 2001 2 Roy,K and Tisdell,C (1998), Tourism in India, New York, Nova Science Publisher 3 India Tourism Statistics 2015, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India 4 India Tourism Statistics at a Glance, 2017, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India 5 India Tourism Statistics, 2002, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India 6 Travel and Tourism Economic Impact 2017, India by World Travel and Tourism Council 7 Tourism and Hospitality Industry, January 2018 by India Brand Equity Foundation


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