Multifractal dataset for COVID-19 and other viral epidemics

Published: 14 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3phbkxhsgf.1
Marco José


An Excel sheet that includes the daily incidence of COVID-19 in 6 countries: Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, India. Germany, Italy and South-Africa; It also includes the monthly incidence of viral epidemics: Measles in New York, chicken-pox in New York, rotavirus in Melbourne, Australia, and rubella in Mexico. A multifractal pattern for each epidemic means a scale-invariant, and self-similar time series with a multifractal spectral dimension.


Steps to reproduce

Data Sources The daily incidences of COVID-19 from six countries were downloaded from the datasets of Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), published online at [17]. Monthly incidence data from mumps and chickenpox for the period 1931-1969 were obtained from [18], and monthly incidence of rubella from 1983-2001 was obtained from [19].


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico