Characterize and map the intensity, duration and areal extent of droughts in Southeast of Ethiopia

Published: 26 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3r2z3k2f72.1


The data is annual Precipitation Deciles, Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI-12) and Reconnaissance Drought Indexes (RDI-12) using DrinC software generated data from rainfall, minimum and maximum temperature meteorological data which was bought from Ethiopian Meteorological Institute. It is for ten meteorological stations which is located in the south East of Ethiopia. The data used to identify climate extreme and intensity from 1987 to 2o17. But for my manuscript, it showed the drought year and intensity which used for drought management. The data also used to indicate the wet, normal and drought year in the southeast of Ethiopia which is currently affected by drought event and cause dead of so money animals.



Commercial Bank of Ethiopia International Banking Division, Department of Meteorological Services, University of Nebraska-Lincoln National Drought Mitigation Center, Drought School, Canadian Meteorological Centre, Shiraz University National Drought Research Center, IGAD Climate Prediction & Applications Centre, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global Health Ethiopia


Meteorology, Drought Management, Drought Mitigation Strategies