Dual-Mode Soft Gripper Dataset

Published: 22-11-2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/3rc5672jb4.3
Zhongkui Wang


This dataset include CAD files of the soft finger design, STL files for 3D printing the casting molds and the connector and base for soft gripper assembly, CAE files for performing FE simulations, tensile test data for estimating material properties, and video files to demonstrate the fabrication process and experimental results. This dataset was created to help researchers and engineers to reproduce the same gripper or to quickly design, fabricate, and simulate a similar soft gripper for various applications.


Steps to reproduce

The finger parts (chamber, air_paths, cover, pad) were created in Abaqus and exported as *.igs files for using in other CAD software. They are also assembled in Abaqus for FE simulations. The files for FE simulation are saved as *.cae and *.jnl and they can be opened in Abaqus. The CAD files of the casting molds and the connector and base for assembling were also created in Abaqus and then imported into Autodesk Fusion 360, by which they were converted into *.stl files for 3D printing. The *.dat files include tensile test data of Dragon skin 30 material and the .mat files are used to obtain the strain and stress relationship of the material. The video files demonstrate finger fabrication and experimental performances. The detailed information will be submitted to a Data in Brief article.