Open-source modelling of aerosol dynamics and computational fluid dynamics: Nodal method for nucleation, coagulation, and surface growth

Published: 08-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3s368jpdx2.1
Mino Woo,
Robert T. Nishida,
Mario A. Schriefl,
Marc E.J. Stettler,
Adam M. Boies


Understanding formation, growth and transport of aerosols is critical to processes ranging from cloud formation to disease transmission. In this work, a numerical algorithm of aerosol dynamics including nucleation, coagulation, and surface growth was coupled with flow and heat transfer equations enabling the solution of three-dimensional multi-physics aerosol processes in an open-source platform. The general dynamic equation was solved by a nodal method where the particle size distribution was represented by a finite number of nodes. The models were verified by comparing four test cases, (1) pure coagulation, (2) nucleation and coagulation, (3) pure surface growth, and (4) a general dynamic equation that includes the three mechanisms provided in literature. A high temperature aerosol flow in a cooled pipe is chosen as a tutorial case of coupled computational aerosol and fluid dynamics. The aerosolGDEFoam code is available at and can be further modified under GNU general public licence.

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