Narcissism assessment in French university newcomers

Published: 8 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3s5fwkt5rv.1
Gilles Guihard


The purpose of the research project was to assess narcissistic trait in samples of newcomers enroled in technlogical training and in heath education.


Steps to reproduce

First year students enroled in technological training and in health education were contacted by mean of their e-mail adress. The were asked to complete a survey devoted to the estimation of narcissism. The 16-item Narcissistic Personality Inventory was used for the assessment in using LimeSursey as a support for data collection. Students were asked to indicate their sex and their current training. All responses were fully anonymized. Item and scale properties were analyzed before statiscal comparison.


Universite de Nantes UFR Odontologie


Educational Measurement in Medical Education