An integrated dataset on the effectiveness of labour migrant’s linguodidactic modelling

Published: 12 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3sv7tfwkc6.1
Yulia Biryukova,


The dataset describes and verifies the educational capacity of linguodidactic modelling in lunguocultural development of labour migrants. Linguodidactic modelling is considered to be an effective instrument of pedagogical portraiting of different labour migrant categories which improves the process of their language and culture education. This role of linguodidactic modelling has been verified experimentally by comparing the communicative competence of three groups of migrants (14 language learners in each group, male and female equally) after completing training courses based on the preliminary (1) linguocultural profiling; (2) didactic portraiting in terms of the European Language Portfolio; (3) pedagogical portraiting based on the concept of language personality. The testing outcomes were compared. To detail and interpret the collected data, the language teachers were interviewed. To add to the exploratory investigation, a theoretical analysis of the concept linguodidactic model was carried out.



Education, Applied Linguistics