Transgenerational accumulation of methylome changes discovered in commercially reared honey bee (Apis mellifera) queens

Published: 05-04-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3tb26rnns4.2


Table S1. Raw data quality control statistics. Table S2. Reads and reference genome alignment results. Table S3. Pearson correlation coefficient among biological replicates of each group. Table S4. Number of queen ovarioles (the one side ovary). Table S5. List of differentially methylated genes comparing L1 and L2 queens with E queens in each generation. Table S6. List of differentially methylated genes comparing queens of each rearing type across successive generations. Table S7. List of 106 genes identified by gene ID, and the ratio of methylation level for each comparison (within a generation, L1 : E or L2 : E). Table S8. The methylation level of 40 focal genes relate to caste differentiation, body development or metabolism in each group. Table S9. Raw methylation level data at the site on exon in genes Cat and S6k1