Using Eye-tracking Technology to Identify Visualizers and Verbalizers- a quasi-experiment

Published: 2 November 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/3tfh8g8kpd.3
Zhanni Luo


This is an eye-tracking experiment to investigate whether visualizers and verbalizers present different eye-movement patterns in viewing documents with different arrangements of images and text. Combined with the questionnaire and interview approach, the current study explored the accuracy of using eye-tracking technology to identify visualizers and verbalizers, as well as possible factors contributing to different levels of accuracy.


Steps to reproduce

1. Open the file “Experiment Materials”, import them into the Tobii eye-tracking system. 2. Open the file “Forms- ethics, answer sheet, ILS scoring sheet and ILS questionnaire”, print them out. 3. Recruit participants and start the experiment. 4. Start the eye-tracking experiment, ask participants to fill “Document 2 Answer Sheet” in the file “Forms- ethics, answer sheet, ILS scoring sheet and ILS questionnaire” while reading. 5. After the eye-tracking experiment, give participants the “Document 3 ILS Scorning Sheet” and “Document 4 ILS questionnaire”. Ask them to complete the learning-style test.


University of Canterbury


Education, Educational Technology, Individual Differences