Data for: Integrating Adaptive Moving Window and Just-in-Time Learning Paradigms for Soft-Sensor Design

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/3tn5rjyzx5.3
Burak Alakent


MATLAB .mat file of dynamic simulations of a continuous stirred tank reactor coupled with an external heat exchanger on MATLAB, adapted from the modeling equations in S. Yoon, J.F. MacGregor, Fault diagnosis with multivariate statistical models part I: Using steady state fault signatures, J. Process Control. 11 (2001) 387–400. Data consists of 20 repetitions of 700 samples of 57 predictors (including lagged process variable measurements) and 700 samples of a single response variable for 8 different concept drift models.



Chemical Process, Continuous Simulation