Spaceborne Digital Elevation Data of Runway at Zonguldak Airport, Turkey

Published: 21 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3ts2h4v8m8.1
Kazimierz Becek,
, Çetin Mekik,


This data set contains elevation of 475 points located on the surface of an active runway of Zonguldak airport, Turkey. The elevation of points were interpolated from the spaceborne DEMs, including ASTER GDEM v.3, AW3D30 m, SRTM-1", SRTM-3", SRTM-X, TanDEM-3", WorldDEM, Photogrammetry and line levelling. This data set may be used to study the vertical accuracy of Digital Elevation Models - existing and future. Because of a specific features of runways (flatness and homogeneous surface - concrete) this data set allows for investigation of the instrument-induced error sources of digital elevation data.


Steps to reproduce

The bi-linear interpolation method was used to calculate the elevation of points from spaceborne DEMs and Photogrammetry derived DTM. The points were levelled using the automatic Leica Sprinter 150/150M, double run (mean error 1.5 mm/km).


Bulent Ecevit Universitesi, Politechnika Wroclawska


Geomatics, Photogrammetry, Surveying