Data for: Microstructural origins of the high mechanical damage tolerance of NbTaMoW refractory high-entropy alloy thin films

Published: 10 March 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/3v9kj944d4.3
Matheus A. Tunes,
Vladimir Vishnyakov


Data contains the processed and raw micrographs, the raw results from measurements and a pdf files with the routes for reproducing the synthesis and characterisation results obtained with the NbTaMoW refractory high-entropy alloy thin film research.


Steps to reproduce

1. Produce the film via IBSD as described in the materials and methods section; check composition with EDX. 2. Produce TEM electron-transparent lamellae using FIB. 3. Chracterisation of the thin films has to be performed in the TEM including EFTEM. 4. Perform nanomechanical measurements as indicate in the manuscript.