Data Extraction Form: Identifying and mitigating the impacts on primates of transportation and service corridors

Published: 10 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/3vptdtgkm3.2


This is the form used to extract all relevant data from literature relating to the impact of transportation and service corridors on primates. From each included study, we extracted information about the author/s and publication date, type of literature, study design, study continent, country, location, specific site (if available), protection status of location, geographical location (latitude and longitude, decimal degrees), species or subspecies studied (common name, Latin binomial, family, IUCN conservation status), types of T&S corridors affecting species studied, impacts (divided into direct and indirect), summary-of-findings/quotes from studies, and mitigation measures (divided into recommended, implemented, and evaluated). If mitigation measures were implemented in a study, based on the information provided, they it was categorised as either effective, partially effective, not effective, or not evaluated. We considered publications from the same sites independently when assessing the number of studies that have taken place. However, these were then pooled and considered as a single data unit when analysing impacts and mitigation measures. Subspecies were also included in the data extraction process, under the assumption that subspecies in different locations may be affected differently, and thus may require their own unique management interventions.